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Preventing Matting in Pets

Long-term mat prevention requires proper and consistent grooming practices, so it’s important to stay up with the combing and brushing as required .

Brush Your Pet Two or 3 times every week 

“Dogs and cats with long coats should be brushed two to 3 times per week, employing a slicker brush and metal comb,” Lopez says. “The comb will help the owner find the hidden mats below the highest layer of the coat.”

Pets with a thick, shedding undercoat enjoy being groomed regularly with a dog rake.

If you’re diligent about grooming your pet, and you continue to end up handling mats, it might be the way you’re grooming that’s the difficulty .

“Brushing the highest of the coat won’t suffice keep your pet free from mats, so it’s important to use a brush with bristles that penetrate the coat right down to the skin,” Lopez says.

De-Matting Sprays Can Help

De-matting sprays are helpful also . “These are leave-in conditioners that are sprayed or poured over mats to form them easier to loosen and brush out,” Strong says.

But confine mind that they’re only effective for very loose or small tangles within the hair.

“Read directions on individual products to ascertain the simplest thanks to apply [the spray], if it must sit for a particular amount of your time to be effective, and if it must be rinsed out,” says Strong.

Make Sure the Products are Safe for Your Pet

If you’re grooming a cat, Strong says to, “ALWAYS check to form sure the products are safe to use on cats, as most are formulated for dogs, and always rinse a cat’s coat after using the products. Cats will get sick from licking these products off their coat once they groom themselves.”