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We strive to provide the best veterinary medicine coupled with the most compassionate, collaborative care in the region.

Sumit SharmaCeo, Digiadwords

Very supportive , caring & understanding doctor .. whenever we plan to go out of city .., we use his services to take care our pets are highly professional at his pet care facility.. on basis of my experience , will highly recommend New life pet clinic for all pet related service like vaccinations at home , manage our pet When we are out of station , Pet grooming , adopting puppy etc

Prashant AryaUser

A very good Doctor, having wide knowledge of his respective field.
Compassionate towards pets, treats well. A wide and genuine variety of medicines and products available at his shop. Do pay a visit or can call him home.

Veterinary Services

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Dog Dental Services

Keep your pet healthy with regular oral hygiene and dental care.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Start your brand, new pet out with our exceptional veterinary care

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Adult Preventative Care

Keep your adult pet healthy with regular checkups and preventative care.

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Diagnostic Services

In-clinic diagnostic services allow to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet.

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Surgical Services

Approach your petโ€™s surgical procedure with complete confidence.

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Senior Pet Care

Let us keep your ageing pets on track by addressing their unique needs.

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Pharmacy Services

Get pharmacy refills delivered conveniently to your front door.

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Emergency & Referral

Find the nearest emergency pet care, or get a referral.

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Grooming Services

We offer complete bath, haircut & walk-in grooming services. Book your pet's salon appointment today

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Anemia in dog cats

Anemia occurs when there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells, which can be measured by red blood cell count or hemoglobin concentration. It can develop from loss, destruction, or lack of production of red blood cells. Anemia is classified as regenerative or nonregenerative. In a regenerative anemia, the bone marrow responds appropriately to the decreased number of red blood cells by increasing production of new blood cells. In a nonregenerative anemia, the bone marrow responds inadequately to the increased need for red blood cells. Anemias due to bleeding or the destruction of existing red blood cells are usually regenerative. …

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Pet Surgical Services

Pet Surgery It can be frightening to find out that your pet needs surgeryโ€”for both you and your pet. At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic we understand your concerns; however, our veterinary surgeons are professionals at what they do. Whether performing a routine spay/neuter surgery or a life-saving emergency procedure our doctors take every precaution to keep your pet safe and ensure a positive outcome. No other veterinarian serving Greenfield Franklin and Milwaukee cares more about your pet’s safety than we do. Surgical Procedures There are many types of procedures performed at Greenfield Veterinary, and many different surgical techniques are used. Several …

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Diagnostic Services for Pet

Diagnostic Services At Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of important diagnostic procedures for your pet. Sometimes, your pet needs a more intensive examination at the vet clinic to determine their health and the nature of any issues that may be discovered. Our animal hospital can use these procedures to make a better diagnosis, and give your pet the correct treatment they need to get better. Our following Diagnostic Services Digital Radiography – This can give us a better picture of what is going on inside your pet. Ultrasound – If we suspect something is in your pet that shouldn’t be, …

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