Surgical Treatment At Our Clinics

Benefits We Provide

Expert Clinics

Carefully selected clinics with the right infrastructure for surgical care

Expert Surgeons

Expert surgeons with specific surgical expertise

Comprehensive Care

The right combination of in-clinic and in-house service

Do you know that the new life pet clinic is network also includes expert Surgeons ?

At New Life Pet Clinic and Pet Shop we intend to take care of all aspects of your pet's health, even the most delicate and critical health conditions Hence we have expert clinics and renowned surgeons to provide your pet with the right kind of treatment always.

Common Surgical Interventions Include


Soft Tissue Surgery

Pet Spay/Nutering, Oral Haematoma, Tumor Excision, Hernioraphy etc


Orthopedic Surgery

Dental Scaling, Pinning etc

*and other procedures depending on the condition of the pet and Doctor's prescription