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Dog food in summer season

Raw meat or chicken with vegetables & fruits-

Dont give raw meat or chicken directly because it contains high energy and produce more heat which is not need in summer season, mix raw meat or chicken with vegetables puree or fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are good source of fiber and vitamins,due to more fiber in diet digestibility is good, and vitamins are good source of antioxidant,they are good for stress free.

Vegetables puree are also mix with rice, daliya, chapati, and serve to your dogs

multigrain chapati

Grain (jau, bajra, wheat) are good source of fiber so make multigrain chappati and serve to your dogs.


Fruits like apple, banana, papaya, orange are good source of fiber and vitamins

Watermelon, tarbooj are good source of water so serve it daily to your puppy or adult dogs


Curd are also good source of protein and fiber, add in dog diet in very less quantity for small breed upto 10kg body weight give 20 to 50 gm in a day

For large breed more then 50 kg body weight give 150 to 250gm curd in a day

Other prebiotics and probiotics-

Prebiotics and probiotics are help in gut health so purchase from pet clinics and add to your dogs food


Water are maintain dehydration in dog body so give sufficient water to your dog daily.

For small breed like pug and beagle give 2 to 3 letre water in a day

For large breed like lebrador and German Shepherd give 4 to 5 litres water in a day

For giant breed like saint Bernard give 8 to 9 litres water in a day

6 Dog Feeding Tips For Hot Days:

  1. Follow your dog´s appetite level and decrease his or her daily portion accordingly.
  2. If you feed breakfast, skip it occasionally or at times when the weather is very hot for several days in a row.
  3. Consider fasting once a week; or partial fasting such as giving your dog just one nice smaller juicy raw meaty bone to chew in the late evening or early morning in nice cool shade. For small breeds just part of a chicken neck is perfect.
  4. Offer meals at room temperature or slightly cooler. Too cold is not good for your dog´s stomach.
  5. Feed in a cool shady place. In the summertime, my pack refuses to eat before the sun settles down behind the treetops, but will gladly dive into their dishes once it cools off.
  6. Avoid feeding fatty meats and warming foods. That includes not only certain meat types, but also warming herbs and spices, oatmeal, etc.