June 1, 2020 By petcure 0

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active this Winter

1. Play Hide and Seek

Dogs love to play, You can hide a treat or her favorite toy, but it’s better to make her come find you. Hide somewhere in your home with a treat or one of your pet’s toys and call them.   Wait for them to find you and then reward them with laughs, smiles and of course, their treat or toy.

2. Obedience Training    

Want to keep your dog busy on their own. During inclement weather, use the indoor time to train your dog. Teach your pet how to politely greeting guests. These activities will make for an engaged mind for your dog and a more pleasurable pet for you.

3.Play Fetch or Tug-of-War

Although these games are usually played outside, yet why not bring them inside. If your house has enough space, then it will be an amazing way to assist your dog to stay active. In addition to the mental stimulation, tug of war can be a pretty good physical workout as well, helping to compensate.

4.Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are toys designed to hide treats in. Unlike a simple Kong, these puzzles are designed with different knobs, flaps, compartments that your pet really has to work at to discover. Designed with different levels of difficulty, these pet puzzles provide your pet with hours of indoor fun. Take a muffin tin, put treats in several of the muffin cups and top all cups with a tennis ball. Encourage your dog to find the cups that have the treats in them.

5. Use pet treadmills

It’s too cold outside for your daily walk, try walking your dog on a treadmill. It’s a great way to exercise to spend time with your dog. If it’s your dog’s first time on the treadmill than don’t push him, set the treadmill at low speed and gave your dog a chance to get adjusted. Never force them, if your dog doesn’t like it, then there are plenty of different exercises to try.