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What is diarrhea in dogs? How can you prevent diarrhea.

What is diarrhea-

Diarrhea is unformed or loose stools, usually occurring in larger amounts and/or more often. Diarrhea is not a disease but rather a sign of many different diseases. Diarrhea associated with minor conditions can often be resolved quickly with simple treatments.if diarrhea is caused by viral infection like parvo viral and canine distemper viral then it is fatal.

It is caused by worm, bacterial and viral infections, feed change, stress, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic disease like liver and pancreas disease, medication and toxins.

how can you prevent diarrhea in dogs-

Vaccinate your puppy for some viral disease like parvo viral and canine distemper viral and corona viral infections. Dont change feed suddenly,clean the feeding plate regular with washing soda, dont give infected feed and water,serve only clean water and feed 2 to 3 times in a day, dont give oily food, dont give salt in pet diet, give some multivitamin and calcium suppliment for body requirement, give liver tonics if required,.

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