Veterinary service is available on a 24 hour (telephone service) basis for our established clientele. We will make every effort to respond quickly to your call for help.


You want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life, and so do we! The team at Pet care and Surgery is passionate about helping your companion down the road to wellness through every life stage.

Tick Borne diseases, Dermatology Gastro-Intestinal Disorders, Urinary Disorders, Gynecological Disorders, Cardiac Disorders, Nuerological Disorders, Respiratory Infections, Internal/External Parasite Treatment, Eye / Ear Affections, Endocrine / Metabolic Disorders​.

Complete Diagnostic Care

We provide a number of diagnostic tests, including serum chemistry and hematology (blood testing), urinalysis, and parasite testing (fecal exam). We partner with outside veterinary laboratories and universities for specialized diagnostic tests and consultations. These tests are typically recommended if there are any abnormal conditions noticed during the physical wellness exam.

Allergy Diagnosis,  Blood/Urine/Stool Test, Culture & Sensitivity, Biopsy Cytology Snap Test for Distemper/ Parvo/ Ehrlichiosis/ Heartworm/ Anaplasmosis/ Giardia, Snap cPL Test for Pancreatitis, Skin Scrapping Test, Ear Mites


Best Pet Clinic in Gwalior

Consultation & Treatment

Our expertise lies in rendering services for consultation and treatment facility for the inquired ailment.

Best Pet Clinic in Gwalior

Complete Diagnostic Care

We are a fully equipped diagnostic centre taking care of all medical test requirements of our customers.

Best Pet Clinic in Gwalior

Complete Health Care

We have the best and most professional doctors who diagnose and provide complete health care to patients.

Best Pet Clinic in Gwalior

Complete Veterinary Care

We are a reputed veterinary care centre equipped with modern facilities to provide good treatment to the pets.

Best Pet Clinic in Gwalior

Consultation For Prevention Of Diseases

Consult our expert doctors for prevention of diseases before they become fatal for life in future.

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Vaccinations are recommended as an essential part of a healthcare program. Your pets’ ‘needles’ are to protect them from serious & potentially fatal diseases. These diseases are mainly viral & don’t respond well to medications & treatment is expensive and sometimes unsuccessful.

Canine, Anti Rabies, Canine DHLPPi, Canine Corona, Canine Kennel Cough, Feline PCHR Feline.



We want to help you be proactive about your pet’s oral health, which is why we offer a wide variety of dental services.

Dental Scaling & Polishing, Tooth Extraction, Dental Abscess


Specialized Services

1. BEHAVIORAL  TIPS FOR PET OWNERS :-  We provide essential behavior tips to each of our clients to find out pet in trouble, at the earliest. Excessive biting, torning the household items, urinating in the house and many more bad vices comes under behavioural problems.  Nowadays, everybody wants to keep pet but doesn’t know how to take their best care. This chapter in informative  and  essential for responsible pet  ownership.

2.EXOTIC / LAB ANIMAL CARE:-  Nowadays people are more shifting towards pets adoption for the minimum maintenance pets as everybody is getting busy day by day in the schedules of daily life. These preferably shifting them towards exotic and laboratory animal keeping as pets. These commonly includes rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs, turtle, parakeets, hamsters etc. These creatures have all sorts of pros and cons while taking them. These are very delicate creatures having very narrow margin of safety and very few options of treatment at a very very early stage. Early prediction of problem and immediate treatment will be the key to success in exotic and lab animal care. Moreover preventive healthcare is the key to success. We at noida petclinic undertake different specific sessions foe the pet owners having diff pets. This includes rabbit, guinea pig, hamsters, rat, parakeet and turtle sessions according to the specific pet kept.

Sterilization in Pets


Neutering is the surgical removal of the reproductive organs i.e. ovaries and uterus in the Female (Spaying) or the testicles in the male (Castration).


  1. Eliminates risk of ovarian and uterine infection or cancer. Pus in uterus (PYOMETRA) requires emergency spaying with no choice.
  2. MAMMARY TUMORS are most common tumor in unspayed  female  which  if spreads to bone or lungs proves  to be fatal. Only spaying can prevent Mammary Gland tumors.
  3. Prevent BLOOD SPOTING  in female dogs and urine spraying in female cats during heat periods.
  4. Avoid UNWANTED PREGNANCIES and chances of Transmissible Venereal Granuloma (TVT).
  5. Reduces or eliminates irritable and DOMINANCE  AGGRESSION  during heat periods.


  1.  Prevents TESTICULAR AND RECTAL CANCER occurrence.
  2. Prevents PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT which results in urinary tract infection and difficult urination.
  3. Decrease marking of territory ; embarrassing inappropriate MOUNTING  BEHAVIOR  and fight over females in heat.
  4. It reduces the AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR in male dogs.
  5. Unneutered cats frequently SPRAY URINE with exceptionally inappropriate strong  odor .