Prevention of Rabies in animal or humans

Prevention of Rabies in animal or humans

1. Vaccinate your pets yearly.

2. Report stray animals to your local health authority or animal control officer.

3. Teach kid to stay away from wild animals such as bats,racoons, skunks and foxes.

4 dont drink milk of affected animals without boil.

5. If you or your child or your pet has been bitten by an animal,especially if it was an unknown dog or wild animals:

please wash the bite area well with soap and water. Call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department,anyone with a rabies infection must be treated in a hospital. Call local animal control authority to help find the animal,it may need to be caught and watched for sign of rabies.

If you know the owner of the animal,get all information including dog vaccination status,owner name and address.notify your local health department if dog are not vaccinated.

Take Anti rabies vaccine 5 dose after bitten by animals- at 0,3,7,14 or 28 days

consultant by- DR,R.K.MAWAI (Veterinary physicion & surgeon)

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